MIXMODE is a high performance quad attenuator, inverting attenuator, precision adder/sub, RGB amplitude/polarity indicator and high fidelity mixer with both clean and saturated output modes.

The saturator is completely user configurable, allowing independent adjustment over the positive and negative clipping threshold levels. The unique response and wide harmonic palette makes this saturator stand in a class of it's own.

Key Features:

  • Full Span Attenuator/Inverting Attenuator
  • High Fidelity, Low Noise and Distortion
  • High Headroom
  • No signal bleed between channels
  • Configurable Saturator
  • Configurable Outputs   
  • Unique Signal Indicator
  • 6hp


View the MIXMODE Manual HERE



The MIXMODE Expander provides direct adjustment of the saturation circuitry via panel mounted controls. If that is not enough, voltage control inputs are also provided for the ultimate in automated saturation madness.

Dedicated 1/8" and 1/4" mixer outputs allow full time usage of channel four's attenuator.

Key Features: 

  • Panel Access to Saturation
  • Voltage Controlled Saturation
  • Dedicated Mixer Outputs
  • 4hp
  • No Power Required

View the Expander Manual HERE